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Géométrie, Apprentissage, Information, Algorithmes

Welcome to the seminars of the GAIA team (Géométrie, Apprentissage, Information, Algorithmes) of GIPSA-lab. The objective of GAIA seminars is to invite, about every two months, well-known researchers in signal processing and machine learning (and more…) to give an introductive seminar on their research field. Everybody is welcome to join, you can subscribe to the mailing list below.

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April 29th, 2021, 14h00, .
Julien Tierny (CNRS - Sorbonne Universite)
Title: An overview of topological methods in data analysis and visualization
Abstract: Topological methods in data analysis and visualization focus on discovering intrinsic structures hidden in data. Based on established tools (such as Morse theory or persistent homology), these methods enable the robust extraction of the main features of a dataset into stable, concise and multi-scale descriptors that facilitate data analysis and visualization. In this talk, I will give an intuitive overview of the main tools used in topological data analysis and visualization (persistence diagrams, Reeb graphs, Morse-Smale complexes, etc.) with applications to concrete use cases in computational fluid dynamics, medical imaging, or quantum chemistry. I will conclude the talk by mentioning some of my contributions to this topic and I will discuss ongoing research efforts. The talk will be illustrated with results produced with the ''Topology ToolKit'' (TTK), an open-source library (BSD license) that we develop with collaborators to showcase our research. Tutorials for reproducing these experiments are available on the TTK website:

June 24th, 2021, 14h00, .
Luc Pronzato (CNRS - I3S)
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA

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