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May 19th, 2022, 14h00, room TBA.
Pierre Weiss (CNRS)
Title: Blind deconvolution and deblurring
Abstract: An essential and largely open problem is that of blind deconvolution or super-resolution. When a measurement system acquires a signal or an image, these are filtered by the impulse response of the system and then sampled. Although filtering is unavoidable, the loss of resolution induced can have disastrous consequences. In microscopy, for example, there have been two Nobel prizes in the last decade for systems that exceed the diffraction limit. The question raised in this presentation is: can we reconstitute part of the lost information when the response of the optical system is not perfectly known? We will present some theoretical and practical aspects of this problem in the case of imaging. At the end of the presentation, we will show that this problem can be tackled much more efficiently than in the past with learning techniques. We will end with some open questions.